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First of all, what is an ACMV system? Air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) systems refer to those systems which aim to improve the quality of air inside homes and commercial spaces by extracting stale air and introducing fresh air into the building or space. There are a number of benefits of mechanical ventilation systems and each type of system is also suitable for different applications.

Mechanical Ventilation - Flow Air

In general, air conditional and mechanical ventilation systems helps to maintain temperatures inside buildings and are usually energy efficient. These systems may contain heating systems as well. However, these systems are more likely to perform at their full capacity when the ACMV unit and its ducts are clean. Although filters are in place to prevent accumulation of dust in the ducts, it is still possible for dust and dirt to enter the ducts and cause inefficiency of the ACMV. As a rule of thumb, our experts suggest that ACMV maintenance should be done when there are cases of allergies inside the building, mold buildup, rodents or other infestations, odour and accumulation of dust. Thus, ACMV maintenance is of utmost importance.

This is where Flow Air comes in. We understand the importance of ensuring fresh air circulation inside your home. We are also experts in this field and are ready to be at your service, armed with our years of experience and expertise. At Flow Air, we are dedicated towards providing the best possible service to all our customers when it comes to ACMV maintenance and installation. Call us today for quotes and further details!


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