Is Air Conditioning A Necessity Or Luxury?

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Is Air Conditioning A Necessity Or Luxury?

By 2050, air conditioning is anticipated to be the second-largest source of worldwide energy consumption increase, coming right behind the industrial sector. But one can easily ask if air conditioning is a necessity or a luxury? 

Why Do We Need Air Conditioning Systems?

People have been living for thousands of years in all kinds of landscapes, long before electricity was invented. That being said, our global climate has changed radically in the past century, making it reach all kinds of extremes.

According to NASA, the previous seven years have been the hottest in recorded history, with 2016 and 2020 being the warmest.

Also, let’s not forget how much the landscapes have changed with the rapid deforestation going on all over the world.

With so many changes going on, changes in human nature are bound to happen. Technology has been used for years after years to help make our lives convenient. So why not utilize it according to our needs?

While you can’t change the weather outdoors, you can easily use your split or ducted air conditioning system to adjust the temperature of your room. A few degrees more or less may have a significant positive effect on your body and mind. The air conditioning systems will help you regulate the temperature just as you like.

Today’s architecture and way of life are different as well. We live in closed apartments and work in glass-enclosed high-rises.

An air conditioner also helps with ventilation, improving indoor air quality. This can be a great benefit, especially when you live in a highly polluted city. Air pollution is becoming one of the most serious risks to human health. It is equally vital to enhance the air quality at home as it is to breathe clean air at work.

They also have a filter that can capture pollutants such as smoke, dust, mold, and germs. People who suffer from allergies or asthma will benefit tremendously from this filter.

Is Air Conditioning A Luxury?

What was previously considered a luxury for the affluent is now considered a need for almost everyone. Because the technology at the time wasn’t always energy efficient, early air conditioners were quite expensive to run.

There are several methods available now for lowering your air conditioning cost. For example, you can opt for an installment plan. You may also select a cost-effective energy plan for you and keep track of your cooling and heating expenditures at all times. All of this implies that having air conditioning facilities is now an extravagance you can enjoy!