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Commercial exhaust fans are most appropriate for high usage situations, whether for domestic, commercial or industrial. These fans maintain air flow while running continuously powerfully. Commercial exhaust hoods are used as a ventilator of sorts, as these help to ‘carry out’ or circulate the heat and fumes out of the space. The air entering the system is filtered through the exhaust hood filters to remove grease from the fan mechanism and avoid blockages.

In terms of costing, the price of a commercial exhaust hood may start from about AUD 1,000 but this greatly depends on the size and model; different models are available in the market, each with different features, for which you will have to consider factors such as cooking time, frequency of use and so on.

As commercial exhaust systems are complex and intricate systems comprising of a several ducts and hoods, which are connected to the fan, there are certain rules stated by Australian regulations, which you will need to abide by when considering installation of a commercial exhaust system. Not only will you need to undergo a minimum series of inspections, you must also ensure maintenance and record keeping of these systems. This is where Flow Air is ready to assist you. We are proud of our team of experts who have years of experience and knowledge in this field. We install, repair and service commercial exhaust systems for all purposes. The purchase of a commercial exhaust system is a costly investment- as you will need to consider a range of factors, our advise and guidance will help you choose an energy efficient and effective commercial exhaust systems. Contact us today for further information!


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