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Flow Air has unparalleled expertise when it comes to air conditioning repair. We understand that air conditioning units are costly investments. We appreciate that it is in your best interests to ensure that your air conditioning unit is always working at its highest capacity. For this reason, we encourage you to periodically undertake maintenance for your air conditioners. At Flow Air, we service all models and varieties of air conditioners.

Air Condition Maintenance & Repair - Flow Air

For your own personal benefit, we also recommend using an air conditioner maintenance checklist which will ensure maximum efficiency and lasting strength of your air conditioning unit. A poorly maintained air conditioner uses up twice the amount of energy required to cool down or heat up your home. Thus, it is worth following this maintenance checklist to ensure your air con is in peak condition:

  1. Clean the filters of your air conditioner at least four times a year to prevent dust building up and causing the filters to be clogged. 
  2. Ensure the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is free from debris every few months.
  3. Employ the services of professionals to service your air conditioner once a year.
  4. Reduce your air conditioner’s energy output by switching it on before the day reaches extremely high or low temperatures, as this will help to reduce pressure on your air conditioner.
  5. Avoid setting the temperature too low on your air conditioner.

To clean your air conditioner, simply remove the filter and use a brush with soft bristles for a complete clean. You may even opt to use a vacuum cleaner.

Ensuring the maintenance of your air conditioner helps to ensure that it is working efficiently and reduces unnecessary pressure on it. Employ the services of our experts to help ensure that your air conditioning unit runs in the family for many years to come. Give us a call today to know more details about air conditioner repair and maintenance costs!


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