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Air conditioners are usually our most effective way of beating the heat during summer and staying warm and cosy in winter. Purchase and installation of an air conditioner, however, may be expensive and there are a number of factors to consider when buying one. For one thing, the type of air conditioning unit you are looking to purchase may be influenced by the size of your space; the number of units required; the complexity of the installation.

However, in case you already have an air conditioning system, you might find that you need to replace your air conditioner, if the system isn’t working as effectively as required. If you have an old unit, or a faulty one, it is probably time to upgrade or replace it. In general, the average life span of an air conditioning unit is 15 to 20 years. As new models are usually more energy efficient than older models, replacing your air conditioning system might result in you being able to save money on electricity and energy bills.

In terms of costs, air conditioner replacement, too, depends on several factors. Usually, replacing an old unit with a new one will not require new electrical work, so this should help to drive down your costs. However, since new models may require different piping or the old piping may be unusable. In such cases, this will be an additional cost when replacing your air conditioner.

Our advice to you is to choose expert professionals who have a great understanding of the entire replacement process. Flow Air’s professionals are some of the best in the field as we have years of experience. We are happy to guide you throughout the process of selection, purchase and installation and we are happy to service your air conditioners at regular intervals to ensure your comfort at home.


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